Office for lease in Hanoi

To meet the ever-growing and diverse needs of businesses/customers, the supply of office for lease in Hanoi market is getting bigger and bigger with large number of properties distributed by different locations. Offices for lease in Hanoi are clearly categorized according to class, price range, which depends greatly on the location, as well as the office quality. Flexible acreages are for different requirements of businesses of different scales.

Characteristics of office for lease in Hanoi

Along with the development of the office leasing market in Hanoi, the office supply is increasingly affluent. Instead of just focusing on the central areas such as Hoan Kiem District, Hai Ba Trung District, Dong Da District as before, the developers started to move to the suburbian areas of Western districts. This is because these places have large land fund, full-fledged infrastructure and convenient location. Moreover, businesses are developing the tendency to move their offices away from the city center.

Office buildings for lease categorized by districts also have their own characteristics. For example, in the central district of Hoan Kiem, there are quite a lot of Class A offices because this area are very neccesary for business branding and customer orientation. These customers are mostly from F.I.R.E group (which is finance, insurance, and real estate).

Whereas, Dong Da and Cau Giay district account for the biggest number of office buildings of the market, providing diversity in types of office, acreages and prices.

Office for lease in Nam Tu Liem, Thanh Xuan and Ha Dong has the most reasonable price with concessions and diversed acreages. Especially, these place is the home to many office buildings with large leasing properties, which is very convenient for businesses in need of big working space.

Quick lease with Officespace

With over 10 years of experience in the field with professional leasing staffs, Officespace with service of office for lease believes that we can assist our customers to rent offices by districts best. Currently, we have been in partnership with many professional office buildings, ranging from different districts and class of A, B or C. We have the listings of every office building in every district of Hanoi, so we can provide the best available space and rental price to customers as quickly as possible and help customers negotiate effectively.

Officespace will affluently provide the information of office buildings within the city, including the information on location, acreage, amenities and other relevent information.

Office buildings are arranged in accordance with the district, ward, street, class, available acreage and price so that customer can easily look for information. Plus, we are also ready to consult every detail and help througout the procedure for businesses to find the most suitable office.

Instead of wasting your time searching online for Hanoi office for lease, you can just go to our website or call our hotline, then provide us with your needs without losing any consulting fee.

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