Virtual office

Virtual office is a form of office leasing service with no actual working space, used as a representative office or a business address. With this type of office, tenants can use all the utilities of an actual office such as a professional receptionist, business address, phone number, fax number, partner reception room, signboard and Annual Tax Finalization.

Benefits when renting a virtual office

  • Diverse office package

    Provides diverse virtual office packages, tailored to the needs and desires of customers

  • Prestigious and professional

    Partner of many quality virtual office rental unitstrusted and appreciated by customers

  • Free consultation

    Provides intensive office consulting services, 24/7 support and absolutely FREE

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Are you in need of

  • An address for business registration?
  • A place to receive mail and answer letters/calls?
  • A place to welcome business partners?
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Q&A on Virtual Office

Virtual office services will be the best choice for customers:
· Individuals or businesses who do not want to use their home address or their own mobile phone to register their businesses
· Startups need to save on office costs but still want to own a comfortable and luxurious representative office in the central areas to welcome partners when needed.
· Customers who work from home and need an address to register their business as well as welcome partners
· Online businesses need offices to register their businesses
· Enterprises that expand to other cities or countries
· Enterprises that want to save costs, etc.

Currently the rental price for working seats in Hanoi of Trung Yen building or Huynh Thuc Khang building is currently ranging from 400,000 to 600,000 VND/month for individual customers.

In some places, the price of virtual office rent includes parking fees and a few other extra charges. Actually, this is an extremely good policy for customers. With the increasing rental density, it is expected that in the future there will be a lot of units investing in this virtual office rental service. The price of virtual office in Hanoi will also be more volatile and there will be more different ranges for customers to choose.

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