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Come to Officescpace, businesses wishing to rent offices in Ha Dong District will be consulted to find the most suitable workplace.

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Why should you rent an office in Ha Dong district?

In terms of administrative boundaries, Ha Dong district borders Thanh Tri district to the East, Thanh Xuan district to the North-east, Nam Tu Liem district to the North, Hoai Duc and Quoc Oai districts to the West, Chuong My district to the South-west and Thanh Oai district to the South.

Although newly focused on investment in recent years, Ha Dong District is experiencing the fastest socio-economic development in Hanoi. It is also the home of many city-level administrative agencies such as Hanoi Department of Transport, Hanoi Department of Justice, Hanoi Department of Science and Technology, etc.

With the focal point of many important transport routes to the provinces of Ha Nam, Ninh Binh and Hoa Binh, businesses located in Ha Dong District can easily move to other industrial parks and other key projects via the axis of Tran Phu – Thanh Xuan – Ring 3. Besides, the Ha Dong – Cat Linh elevated railway is gradually being completed.

Ha Dong District is also the place where many new urban areas such as Van Quan, Xa La, Van Phu, etc. are developed, including modern residential areas with abundant utilities. There are many schools at all levels, banks, hospitals, supermarkets, creating favorable conditions for many employees working in this area.

Features of office for lease in Ha Dong district

The office buildings in Ha Dong district are newly completed buildings so they have modern and quite synchronous infrastructure. The main premises for rent in Ha Dong district are Grade B offices with good quality and professional working space.

Working in Ha Dong will be very convenient for businesses with connections to industrial parks and factories in other provinces because it holds the position of the western gateway of the city.

Price of office for lease in Ha Dong

Ha Dong office for lease is mainly Grade B office, with prices ranging from $8-9/m2/month, lower than the average rent of office space in the central districts.

Look for office for lease in Ha Dong District with Officespace

Currently, Officespace is the representative of over 300 office buildings in Hanoi, many of those are of Grade B in Ha Dong District.

Ha Dong office leasing website will also provide full information of office buildings for lease in this area, including the location, area, price, utilities and other related information.

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