Traditional Office

Traditional office or private office space is a familiar, well-known and affluent type of office for lease on the market. This can be comprehended as a type of office owned by a firm and a fixed workplace of other firms. To any firm that operates stably in long period of time, it is a must to have a separate office place for partner meetings and business branding.

Grade A office

Class A office spaces are high-class office buildings which are located at prime and central location and posses modern architectural design, professional amenities and services. This is the highest form of office for lease that can provide the best working conditions for businesses, especially for those who are in need of business branding. Currently, Class A office in Hanoi are in short supply with floor coverage rate are always at 90%. It also leads to the highest price range when in comparison with other class of office.

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Grade B office

Class B office spaces account for a large percentage of the current office supply. This is a reasonable choice for most businesses because it can still ensure a professional, modern and comfortable working environment while costing moderate rental rates which are within the financial budget of many customers. Traditional Class B office spaces are evenly distributed throughout the districts to meet the rental needs of various businesses.

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Grade C office

Alongside with Class B office, Class C offices also account for a quite large portion of the market. These office buildings are distributed evenly throughout many regions of the city, including central districts and the outskirts of Hanoi to serve our customers. To meet the requirements of modern businesses, Class C offices are more and more invested in terms of infrastructure, amenities and better quality to ensure a civilized, professional and safe environment for renters.

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Despite the fact that many start-ups and newborn businesses favor modern models of office such as shared office, co-working space, officetel, etc., those establishments once fully developed will require traditional office site to settle company’s culture and brand.

  • Stable and long lasting

    Traditional office provides stable and long lasting workplace so that businesses can be assured of operation and sustainable development

  • Private and secured working environment

    Traditional office is design in closed model for a private and secured place for businesses

  • Creating trust for your partners/customers

    For a establishment with fixed address, a modern working space can always create good impression and trust for your customers

  • Culture and brand development

    As the workplace is the “face” of every business, traditional office can help develop culture and development within that business more easily

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Q&A about traditional office

With the development of many new forms of office for lease such as shared office and co-working space, the office leasing market witnesses major impacts. Despite all that, traditional office still dominates the field thanks to big transformation and acreage diversity to best meet the requirements of many customers.
Moreover, the role of traditional office is undeniable. To any business, it is a must that the staff have a private, stable and long lasting workplace to develop their culture and brand.

Advantages of traditional office:
· Privacy and independence for businesses
· Stability and prolonged development
· Office settlement in accordance to businesses’ own idea for better culture development
· Trust development for businesses’ partners/customers
Disadvantaged of traditional office:
· Higher rent and operating fees than those of shared and co-working space
· Longer time and bigger effort for office settlement
· Long contract time, at least 2 to 3 years

There are some differences between traditional office and full service office as follow:
· Traditional office offers larger space than that in full service office
· Traditional office has larger working space than that of smart office
· Full service office often provides equipment, machines, tables and chairs, office amenities so that renters only have to come and work. In the meantime, in traditional office, business will design, arrange, choose interior furniture and set up the office in their own style.
· Full service office offers cheaper rent because it has smaller space
· Contract time of full service office is shorter
While full service office is for small businesses with 3 to 10 employees, traditional office is more flexible to meet the demands of large-scale firms.

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