Office for lease in Hai Ba Trung district

Officespace currently provides office leasing services for Hai Ba Trung district in Hanoi. Renting an office in Hai Ba Trung will help you own a location in the city center, which is convenient for moving and meeting partners.

Why should you rent an office in Hai Ba Trung district?

Regarding administrative boundaries: Hai Ba Trung District borders the Red River to the East, (across the river bank is Long Bien District), Dong Da District to the West, Thanh Xuan District to the North-west, Hoang Mai District to the South and Hoan Kiem district to the North.

The axis Dai Co Viet – Tran Khat Chan – Nguyen Khoai – Dai La – Minh Khai with 44 bus routes running through the district makes it easy to move to other districts and neighbor provinces.

Projects to renovate and expand the roads of Tran Khat Chan, Minh Khai, Dai La, etc. have been implemented with a large surface area and overhead bridges to minimize congestion, which is convenient for traffic.

The largest park of Hanoi – Thong Nhat Park with a 28-hectare conditioning lake helps cool the air in the area.

Hai Ba Trung District is the place where many schools gather, including 16 junior high schools, 7 high schools, 7 universities, helping office workers conveniently take their children to and from school.

As a residential area combined with many office buildings, Hai Ba Trung District has all necessary utilities to meet the needs of residents in general and office workers in particular such as restaurants, banks, gas stations, ATMs, gyms, yoga, spas and so on. Therefore, the demand for office space here accounts for a large proportion of the demand for office rent in Hanoi in general.

Features of office for rent Hai Ba Trung

Office buildings in Hai Ba Trung district are usually on the streets of Han Thuyen – Le Van Huu – Nguyen Du, Tran Khat Chan – Dai Co Viet, Le Duan.

Office buildings for lease here are mainly in Grade B and Grade C, accounting for 85%. This area has only 3 Grade A office buildings, which are Times City, Gelex Tower and Prime Center.

When comparing with buildings with the same quality of Hanoi office for lease market, we can see that the price in Hai Ba Trung area is similar to that in Hoan Kiem district and higher than those of other districts in Hanoi. Unlike Hoan Kiem district, Hai Ba Trung district office supply is more diversified so it can meet most of the office leasing needs of customers. Therefore, the occupancy rate of office buildings in the area is always high.

Price of office for lease in Hai Ba Trung District

Office rents in this area vary depending on location, area and market demand. At this time, with each grade of office, Hai Ba Trung district office rent is very diverse:

Grade A office for lease in Hai Ba trung has the price from $13-36/m2/month.

Grade B office for lease in Hai Ba trung has the price from $12-20/m2/month.

Grade C office for lease in Hai Ba trung has the price from $8-15/m2/month.

Search for cheap office rental in Hai Ba Trung:

Currently, Officespace is the representative of 21 office buildings for lease in Hai Ba Trung district, including 3 Grade A office buildings, 5 Grade B office buildings and 13 Grade C office buildings.

Hai Ba Trung office leasing website will also provide full information of 21 office buildings for lease in this area, including the location, area, price, utilities and other related information.

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