Office for lease in Hoan Kiem District

Officespace has office for lease in Hoan Kiem District, giving businesses the best solution of a workplace in the center of Hanoi. With this, businesses can gain benefits in operation, transaction and partnership.

Why should you choose to rent office in Hoan Kiem district?

Hoan Kiem district, which is located in the center of Hanoi capital, borders Ba Dinh District to the North and Northwest, Dong Da district to the West, Hai Ba Trung District to the South and Long Bien District to the East (across the Red river).

At the heart of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem district is the political, commercial and financial center of the capital city. This is also the place of many important agencies such as the State Bank, Main Guest House, the Opera House, etc.

In the office leasing market of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem District is also home to many office buildings, bank headquarters, firms and large corporations, etc. Setting up an office in Hoan Kiem district where big companies are at, businesses can easily work with partners and builds their reputation.

Hoan Kiem Lake with many tree-lined roads and important state agencies help Hoan Kiem district to have a greener, healthier space than other urban districts.

Within the district, there are also many essential utilities for office workers such as restaurants, bars, banks, ATMs (of Vietcombank, TechCombank, BIDV, TPBank, ACB, etc.), bus stations, spas, beauty salons, gym, yoga, supermarket and shopping center (Trang Tien Plaza, Thien Son Plaza, Dong Xuan Market, etc.)

The Bus system running through other districts makes it easier for staffs to travel to the close-by neighborhoods in the quickest and most convenient way. Especially, Hoan Kiem district has Hanoi Train Station which can serve your travelling purposes to other provinces.

Features office for lease in Hoan Kiem district

The office buildings for lease in Hoan Kiem district are mostly situated on several streets surrounding Hoan Kiem lake such as Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung, Ngo Quyen, Tran Hung Dao, Ly Thuong Kiet, etc.

Located in the center, the office buildings here possess high quality as the offices for lease in Hoan Kiem are mainly of Grade A and B, which account for up to 75%. Hoan Kiem District is also the district with the most Grade A offices in Hanoi.

For many years, the rental rate for office buildings in Hoan Kiem district has always been very high. Vacant space is small while supply has not increased.

The common leasing acreage of ​​offices in Hoan Kiem district ranges from 50m2 to 500m2, making it difficult to find larger offices in this central area.

Rental price of office for lease in Hoan Kiem District

With all of the above advantages, Hoan Kiem district office is currently the most expensive in ​​Hanoi.

  • Grade A office for lease in Hoan Kiem has the price of above $25/m2/month.
  • Grade B office for lease in Hoan Kiem has the price of $15-23/m2/month.
  • Grade C office for lease in Hoan Kiem has the price of $12-17/m2/month.

Search for offices with Officespace

Currently, Officespace is the distribution representative of 34 office buildings for rent in Hoan Kiem district, including 11 Grade A office buildings, 16 Grade B office buildings, 5 Grade C office buildings and 2 specialized office buildings.

The office for rent in Hoan Kiem district website will also provide information of 34 office buildings for rent in the area, including all the location, area, price, utilities and related information.

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