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Ruby Plaza 44 Le Ngoc Han

44 Le Ngoc Han, Ngo Thi Nham, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

$19 - $20.35 inclusive of fees & VAT
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  • Service and amenities
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  • Grade: Grade B
  • Direction: East
  • Number of storeys: 17 storeys
  • Ground size: 545 m2
  • Ceiling height: 2,55 m
  • Aircon: Central system
  • Back-up electricity system: Available
  • Elevator brand: Schindler
  • Managing agent: Doji
  • Internet provider: FPT, Viettel, VNPT
  • Developer: Doji
  • Parking basements: 2 basement(s)
  • Lifts: 2 lift(s)
  • Extended parking lot: Unavailable
  • Fire alarm system: Standard
  • Aircon brand: Toshiba
  • Security system: 24/7 surveillance camera
  • Backup power: For basic uses
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Fees - Expenses

  • Gross rent (inclusive of service):From $19/m2/month
  • Rental price:From $14/m2/month
  • Service charge: $5/m2/month
  • Electric fee: Actual consumption
  • Aircon electricity: Free
  • Overtime fee: Negotiable
  • Car parking fee: $1680000/month
  • Motorbike parking fee: 146.000 VND/month
  • Minimum rental time: 2 year(s)
  • Deposit: 2 month
  • Payment: 3 months/time

Available option (m2): 86 - 165 - 234 - 300 - 350 - 400 - 545


  • Free aircon fee during working hours
  • Free rent in 45 days for office construction

Service and amenities

  • Parking basement
  • Spa - Beauty center
  • Super mall
  • Restaurants

Map Ruby Plaza 44 Le Ngoc Han


Ruby Plaza is an iconic Class B office tower located in the heart of Hai Ba Trung District, at No. 44 Le Ngoc Han St which has existed for a long time with a long history of the capital, extending from Tran Xuan Soan St to Hoa Ma St with a length of about 180m. It is near Vinafor Building, Kinh Do Tower, Viet Hong Building and so on. It is approximately 700m away from the center, 500m from banks, surrounded by numerous local businesses, retailers, and restaurants which brings an opportunity to be a part of this high-traffic volume neighborhood.

Ruby Plaza is designed with modern style with 17 floors and 2 basements for parking. It has listed price from $20/m2, service charge is $5/m2. This is a competitive price, high-end, suitable for businesses wishing to rent offices in Hanoi. No matter if you need a few square meters or a few hundred square meters, Ruby Plaza can provide you with a perfectly sized environment for you and your team as from 545 – 600m2. Ruby plaza is set up in a way that works for you to settle in so that you can access your secure space with 24-hour camera system, backup power, creating a comfortable, quiet working space.

As this area evolves from industrial to cutting edge, it is no surprise that multinational corporations in this urban-chic district is in such high demand. Especially, with strategic location, quality corporate environment, and excellent amenities combine , this building will be an ideal business address.

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