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Opera Business Center

6B Trang Tien, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

$21 - $22 inclusive of fees & VAT
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  • Fees - Expenses
  • Service and amenities
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  • Grade: Grade B
  • Direction: North-east
  • Number of storeys: 10 storeys
  • Ground size: 350 m2
  • Ceiling height: 2,7 m
  • Aircon: Central system
  • Parking basements: 1 basement(s)
  • Fire alarm system: Standard
  • Security system: 24/7 surveillance camera
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Fees - Expenses

  • Gross rent (inclusive of service):From $21/m2/month
  • Rental price:From $16/m2/month
  • Service charge: $5/m2/month
  • Electric fee: Actual consumption
  • Aircon electricity: Free
  • Overtime fee: Negotiable
  • Minimum rental time: 2 year(s)
  • Deposit: 3 month
  • Payment: 3 months/time

Available option (m2): 93 - 100 - 105 - 150 - 200 - 225 - 250 - 300 - 350


  • Free aircon fee during working hours
  • Free rent in 15 - 45 days for office construction

Service and amenities

  • Parking basement

Map Opera Business Center


Opera Business Center is one of the prominent destinations of office for lease, which is located at 6B Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi. It has been chosen by many developers and investors as the ideal location. This building is currently the brightest central office for leasing option in Hanoi because of its favorable position to go to the central areas. That location creates an extremely convenient traffic connection, high business connection and development. It is highlighted by the modern and sophisticated design style that brings an extremely professional working space and meets all the needs of modern businesses. Not only that, the classic design style with an open working space creates a professional and modern working environment for agencies, organizations or businesses wanting to rent offices in Hoan Kiem district.

Opera Business Center is a Grade B building with the total area is 500m2 including 2 blocks, including a 3-storey block and a 10-storey block for office leasing. In addition, the building also has a spacious parking basement with a clear division between the parking area of ​​cars and motorcycles to facilitate the moving in and out. This building has listed price from $21/m2, and service price $5/m2. By the Grade A design, this building image is modern, classy, ​​luxurious and professional. Opera Business Center is equipped with the latest facilities such as air conditioning, 2 high-speed elevators, 24/7 camera, fire protection and backup power system. Especially, if you choose Opera Business Center for your business, you will get free air conditioning during office hours. 

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