Vinaconex Tower

34 Lang Ha, Lang Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi

$23 - $27 inclusive of fees & VAT
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  • Service and amenities
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  • Grade: Grade A
  • Direction: South-east
  • Number of storeys: 27 storeys
  • Ground size: 612 m2
  • Ceiling height: 2,7 m
  • Aircon: Central system
  • Back-up electricity system: Available
  • Elevator brand: Chiller
  • Managing agent: CBRE VN
  • Internet provider: FPT, Viettel, VNPT
  • Developer: VINACONEX Corporation
  • Parking basements: 3 basement(s)
  • Lifts: 20607 lift(s)
  • Extended parking lot: Unavailable
  • Fire alarm system: Standard
  • Cargo lift: 1 lift(s)
  • Aircon brand: Chiller
  • Security system: 24/7 surveillance camera
  • Backup power: 100% Capacity
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Fees - Expenses

  • Gross rent (inclusive of service):From $23/m2/month
  • Rental price:From $17/m2/month
  • Service charge: $6/m2/month
  • Electric fee: Actual consumption
  • Aircon electricity: Free
  • Overtime fee: Negotiable
  • Car parking fee: $100/month
  • Motorbike parking fee: $4,5/month
  • Minimum rental time: 3 year(s)
  • Deposit: 3 month
  • Payment: 3 months/time

Available option (m2): 97 - 120 - 150 - 162 - 220 - 300 - 382 - 450 - 612


  • Free aircon fee during working hours
  • Free rent in 45 days for office construction

Service and amenities

  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurants
  • Bank MB Bank

Map Vinaconex Tower


Vinaconex Tower has a lot of advantages that make customers/businesses always give priority to when it comes to choose a rental building. With the standard of advanced grade A office, Vinaconex Tower brings to you the professionalism, advance, luxury as well as a prime location with the convenience of traffic at 34 Lang Ha street.

Vinaconex Tower building is situated at 34 Lang Ha street, Dong Da district, Hanoi, right at the crossroads of Lang Ha and Hoang Ngoc Phach street, next to the main road Nguyen Chi Thanh, which is a perfect traffic connection with many districts nearby and beneficial for the development of business. Moreover, the location of Vinaconex Tower also has a stunning view and one of the most wonderful work environment in Hanoi.

Vinaconex Tower building has a 27-floor modern design, from the fourth to the twentieth floor is the place for office renting, and from the twenty first to the twenty seventh floor is the main head office of Vinaconex Company. All of the interior and equipment of this building come from advanced and famous brands. Its services and utilities consist of coffee shops, restaurants, MB Bank, etc.

With the high standards of grade A building, Vinaconex Tower is having the listed price of about $24/m2 and the service charges are about $6/m2. This is a competitive and attractive rental fee to many customers/businesses who are searching for a Grade A office building in Dong Da district. Besides, the lease areas of this building are flexible with the biggest lease area of 612 m2 and the smallest one of 97 m2,  which can satisfy a lot of businesses.

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