CMC Tower

11 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi

$18 - $20.35 inclusive of fees & VAT
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  • Grade: Grade A
  • Direction: North
  • Number of storeys: 20 storeys
  • Ground size: 982 m2
  • Ceiling height: 2,7 m
  • Aircon: Central system
  • Back-up electricity system: Available
  • Elevator brand: Mitsubushi
  • Managing agent: CMC Corporation
  • Internet provider: FPT, Viettel, VNPT
  • Developer: CMC Corporation
  • Parking basements: 2 basement(s)
  • Lifts: 5 lift(s)
  • Extended parking lot: Available
  • Fire alarm system: Standard
  • Aircon brand: Trane USA
  • Security system: 24/7 surveillance
  • Backup power: For basic uses
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Fees - Expenses

  • Gross rent (inclusive of service):From $18/m2/month
  • Rental price:From $12.5/m2/month
  • Service charge: $5.5/m2/month
  • Electric fee: Actual consumption
  • Aircon electricity: Free
  • Overtime fee: $25/h
  • Car parking fee: $60/month
  • Motorbike parking fee: $5/month
  • Minimum rental time: 2 year(s)
  • Deposit: 3 month
  • Payment: 3 months/time

Available option (m2): 78 - 80 - 100 - 117 - 195 - 217 - 295 - 300


  • Free aircon fee during working hours
  • Free rent in 15 - 45 days for office construction

Service and amenities

  • Parking basement

Map CMC Tower


CMC Tower is a Grade A office building located on Duy Tan Street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, a new street with many superlative office in Cau Giay District. With the traffic, modern infrastructure, CMC office building is one of the ideal locations for companies, enterprises to choose lease office and business transactions. Around the building are a series of offices such as Hoang Linh Building, TTC Tower, Viet A Building, etc. which are located in a dynamic office area.

CMC Tower is covered with soundproof glass, UV protection. The 24mm thick double layer Ashiya glass box system will help save energy from air-condition, ensure office workers’ health. 

As a high-class Grade A office building, but CMC Tower has extremely attractive rents, only about $20/m2, service fee $5/m2. This is a competitive rent compared to other office rental buildings in the same grade in Hanoi

The building is available for rent with a variety of areas, from 100m2 to 982m2 full floor, meeting the maximum needs of the business office.

The building is provided and installed with advanced technical systems, modern utilities such as 5 high-speed elevators Mitsubishi brand with a tonnage of 1,350kg, central air conditioner Tranine, 4 Cumin brand backup generators, standard self-contained fire protection system, 24/24 security, etc.

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