Techno Park Tower

Da Ton, , Gia Lam, Hanoi

$9 / m2 inclusive of fees & VAT
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  • Grade Grade A
  • Leased area 100 - 341 - 378 - 542 - 664 - 734
  • Number of storeys 45 storeys
  • Ceiling height 2.7 m
  • Parking basements 3 basement(s)
  • Backup power Available
  • Lifts 24 lift(s)
  • Working hour 8am - 6pm from Mon to Fri; 8am - 12pm Sat
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Fees - Expenses

  • Rental priceFrom $6/m2/month
  • Car parking fee 1.500.000 VND/month
  • Service charge $3/m2/month
  • Motorbike parking fee 70.000 VND/month
  • Gross rent (Rent + Service + VAT)From $9/m2/month
  • Overtime fee Negotiable
  • Aircon electricity Free

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Map Techno Park Tower


Techno Park Tower, developed by Vingroup, is an outstanding Grade A office building. Situated within the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area complex, it is a prominent landmark in the heart of Gia Lam district. With its strategic location and Vingroup’s commitment to excellence, Techno Park Tower offers businesses prestigious and high-quality office space.

Techno Park Tower is part of a remarkable project that has received prestigious accolades. Recognized by the World Records Organization as the “Urban area with saltwater lake and artificial freshwater lake with the world’s largest white sand,” it is a testament to its extraordinary features. Additionally, the project was honoured as the best complex project in Vietnam at the Asia-Pacific Real Estate Awards (APPA) in 2019. By choosing Techno Park Tower, tenants gain access to an exceptionally professional and luxurious working environment, which elevates their brand image and fosters strong relationships with customers and partners.

Overview of Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower
Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower, a Grade A office building, was launched and commenced operations in 2021. Situated within the Vinhomes Ocean Park megalopolis, developed by Vingroup, this office building offers a vast array of 5-star amenities. Benefiting from the advantages of the metropolis, Techno Park Tower provides an exceptional workplace environment, making it the premier choice for domestic and international businesses seeking office rentals in Gia Lam.

Techno Park Tower comprises two impressive towers with 45 floors and 03 basements, covering a substantial total construction floor area of 185,500 m2. Each floor boasts a spacious, typical area of 2,800 m2, offering a generous leaseable floor area of approximately 115,000 m2 to the market. This office rental option is ideal for large and small businesses seeking luxurious and comfortable spaces. Techno Park Tower’s expansive and well-designed layout provides an enticing opportunity for tenants to establish an impressive and productive working environment.

Techno Park Tower offers a modern, high-quality workplace that meets the criteria of diverse customers. With its impeccable construction quality and well-developed infrastructure system, the tower provides a standard of excellence in office accommodations. Additionally, its strategic location within the renowned Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area adds another compelling advantage for businesses considering renting space in this building. Experience the perfect blend of modernity, convenience, and prestige by choosing Techno Park Tower as your preferred office rental option.

The Location of Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower
Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower is centrally located in Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area, Gia Lam district, Hanoi. It enjoys easy access to arterial roads and benefits from a well-developed infrastructure system. Within a 10-minute radius, you can conveniently connect to Chuong Duong Bridge, Vinh Tuy Bridge, Thanh Tri Bridge, and the new administrative center in the West of the Capital via major roads. This prime location makes it an ideal choice for office headquarters

  • The Northwest side borders Dong Du – Duong Xa highway, which is planned to be 40m wide.
  • The Northeast side is adjacent to the 40m wide planning road.
  • The Southeast borders the densely populated residential area of Kieu Ky commune.
  • The southwest side borders National Highway 5B – Hanoi – Hai Phong Expressway and National Highway 1A.

In addition, the building is located right at Station 08 of the Metro urban railway connecting directly to Hanoi’s inner city areas, making it even more convenient for businesses to work and develop sustainably.

Scale and design of Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower
Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower is a highly luxurious and modern office building. Its architectural design features a contemporary diamond structure with multiple angles, resulting in a magnificent, elegant, and sophisticated appearance. As the tallest building within the Vinhomes Ocean Park project, it is a prominent symbol and the headquarters and display centre for Vinfast.

Techno Park Tower
1st floor lobby of Techno Park Tower

Vingroup and Hoa Binh Construction invest in the entire project and are the general contractors. Techno Park Tower is considered a symbol of the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area because of its grandeur in scale and construction quality. In particular, the building was developed to follow the Techno Park model to attract “talents” and famous companies and businesses in high technology and information technology in Vietnam and abroad.

Each office within the building boasts a unique design, offering a comfortable and fully functional workspace that caters to customers’ specific needs. Incorporating open spaces and green architecture aligns with modern green office standards, reflecting the evolving demands of the new era. Choosing Techno Park Tower not only provides a perfect workplace but also enhances the image of businesses, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and creating a positive impression.

Amenities of Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower
Modern, high-speed elevator system of Techno Park Tower
Techno Park Tower
Techno Park Tower’s restrooms are always clean
Techno Park Tower
Spacious parking basement at Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower, developed by the leading real estate corporation, offers an extensive range of office amenities catering to all business needs; as a part of Vinhomes Ocean Park, the building benefits from a closed 5-star value chain and a wide array of amenities. Office tenants can enjoy a satisfying working environment and access various entertainment benefits. Experience the convenience, comfort, and enjoyment of comprehensive office space with abundant amenities by choosing Techno Park Tower as your ideal business destination.

Techno Park Tower offers a comprehensive range of modern amenities that are sure to satisfy all customers:

  • 03 basement parking levels and grounds around the building ensure adequate parking for tenants and partners coming to work.     
  • System of 24 high-speed elevators, load capacity of 1,800kg with speed of 3m/s
  • Central air conditioning system with large capacity and energy-saving features.
  • Backup generator system ensures 100% capacity in case of power failure
  • Modern fire protection systems with automatic smoke detectors meet national standards
  • Full of internet providers: FPT, Viettel, VNPT
  • Enjoy the full range of 5-star standard self-contained amenities serving tenants such as: Vinschool, Vinmart, Vinmec, Vincom shopping center, cinema, swimming pool, lake, restaurant, bar and cafe…

Office leasing service at Techno Park Tower

Techno Park Tower
Office space for lease at Techno Park Tower

For detailed information on available office spaces and rental prices at Techno Park Tower, please contact Officespace.

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