C Plus Office Building

Thanh Thai, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi

$12 - $15 / m2 inclusive of fees & VAT
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  • Grade Grade B
  • Leased area 50 -109 - 130 - 144 - 200 - 240 - 490
  • Number of storeys 7 storeys
  • Ceiling height 2.65 m
  • Parking basements 1 basement(s)
  • Backup power Available
  • Lifts 2 lift(s)
  • Working hour 8am - 6pm from Mon to Fri; 8am - 12pm Sat
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Fees - Expenses

  • Rental priceFrom $10.5/m2/month
  • Car parking fee 1.200.000 VND/month
  • Service charge $1.6/m2/month
  • Motorbike parking fee 120.000 VND/month
  • Gross rent (Rent + Service + VAT)From $12/m2/month
  • Overtime fee 660 VND/m2/hr
  • Aircon electricity Actual consumption

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Map C Plus Office Building


C Plus Office is a Grade B building on Thanh Thai Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi. As a new office building built according to the high standards of investor Nhat Sang Joint Stock Company, the C Plus Office building possesses a luxurious design, standing service quality, and a convenient transportation location, so C Plus Office will be the top choice for businesses renting offices in Cau Giay.

Overview of C Plus Office building

C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
C Plus Office building

C Plus Office Building is one of the few new office buildings to come into operation in 2020, so it is chosen by many businesses as an ideal place to work in the Cau Giay district, Hanoi. With standard Grade B office quality, C Plus Office promises to bring the most comfort and convenience to staff working in the building. At the same time, the modern glass panel design matches the trend, bringing luxury and class and enhancing the image of businesses in the eyes of customer partners.

Location of C Plus Office building

C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
C Plus Office Building is located in an area with the highest concentration of office buildings in Hanoi.

The C Plus Office is at Thanh Thai Street, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi. This building is an ideal location with significant advantages in terms of traffic and connections in the future when connecting directly to Nguyen Van Huyen Street. From the building, you can quickly move to the economic centre of the Cau Giay district, the western area or the core centre via major routes such as Tran Thai Tong, Duy Tan, Ton That Thuyet, and Pham Hung, convenient for businesses to trade and develop.

The area around the building concentrates many administrative agencies, buildings, and most significant banks within 1-2km, making transactions and payments extremely convenient.

  • 5 minutes to My Dinh bus station
  • 30 minutes to Noi Bai airport
  • Close to office buildings such as DOffice Thanh Thai, Indochina Plaza, Lucky Building,…
  • Close to banks, ATMs: VP bank, BIDV, Vietcombank, Vietinbank

With the advantage of location, quality working space, and attractive rental price, the C Plus Office building is a reliable choice for all businesses in the Cau Giay district.

Scale and design of C Plus Office building

C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
C Plus Office building has 07 floors and 01 basement

C Plus Office has 07 floors; each floor is 500m2 wide, and the ceiling is 2.65m high. Customers who choose to rent offices here can rent diverse areas from 100m2. Depending on the area and floor location, the rental price will vary.

  • Floor 1: Usable area 460m2
  • Floor 2: Usable area 495m2
  • Floors 3 and 4: The usable area of ​​each floor is 495m2
  • Floor 6: Remaining usable area 214m2

Aiming for the best working environment, the owner focuses on high-standard infrastructure, serving all working needs. The infrastructure system includes:

  • 02 high-speed elevators
  • 01 basement and spacious parking lot in front of the building
  • The ceiling air conditioning system provides Toshiba with fresh air
  • The backup generator ensures 100% operating capacity of the building
  • Fire protection equipment system according to national standards
  • Professional security, 24/7 security camera surveillance…

Service facilities at C Plus Office building

C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
High-speed elevator system at C Plus Office building
C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
C Plus Office building’s restrooms are always clean and private
C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
C Plus Office building parking area

C Plus Office building is fully invested in modern amenities, including:

  • 01 spacious basement parking
  • 02 passenger elevators with a speed of 2.5 m/s
  • Toshiba air conditioning system provides 2-way fresh air
  • The fire alarm system uses fire alarm cabinets and automatic fire alarm equipment
  • Standard fire protection system
  • There are security forces always on duty
  • Professional building management team, maximum customer support
  • There is a daily cleaning team

Besides, with the prime location, many available amenities and services nearby, such as bank transaction offices, restaurants and bars, cafes, entertainment centres, and shopping centres within a radius of 500m, create conditions for businesses to work and operate for a long time.

Office leasing service at C Plus Office building

C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
Floor plan of C Plus Office Thanh Thai building
C Plus Office building Thanh Thai Street
Office floor for rent in C Plus Office building has lots of natural light

C Plus Office building is a quality office rental choice in Hanoi with many outstanding advantages. For detailed information about office rental prices at C Plus Office or if you have unclear issues related to the building, you can contact Officespace for quick advice.

Officespace – a partner of more than 1,000 office buildings in the Hanoi area, is proud to be a dedicated companion in every business’s development journey.

In particular, rental prices at Officespace are always more competitive than those of other units. The entire process of quotation, site survey, comparison, site selection and contract negotiation is supported entirely free of charge by Officespace. Contact us now for quick advice! Officespace is pleased to serve you! For more information about the building, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at:

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